Stainless steel Hose reeler VA 5.10.13

suitable for max. 10 m hose NW 13

Hose reeler VA5000 (567.1KB)

Manual VA 5.10.13 (79.7KB)

Stainless Steel Hose Reel Series VA5000

The flexible connection from the hard line to the point of use. For hose lengths from 10m to 30m. advantages:

  • Special system for "hygienic environments," such as hospitals, kitchens, abattoirs ...
  • and aggressive for the production of media, such as the chemical industry
  • Fully Stainless Steel
  • Lock with 2 grids per revolution
  • easier hose replacement, delivery, optional with or without hose
  • Custom-made according to operational requirements possible

ArtNo.VA 5.10.13VA 5.15.13VA 5.20.13VA 5.10.19VA 5.10.08VA 5.15.08VA 5.20.08VA 5.30.08
Total weight20 kg24 kg25 kg24 kg20 kg24 kg26 kg30 kg
Hose length in m1015201010152030
Hose DN in mm131313198 ... 108 ... 108 ... 108 ... 10
Operating pressure in bar60606060250250250250
Connecting thread DG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 3/4"iG 3/8"aG 3/8"aG 3/8"aG 3/8"a
Supply EG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 3/4"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"i
Dim A in mm265305305305265305305395
Dim B in mm90909011085858585
Dim C in mm240215215215240215215215
Dim K in mm435435435435435435435435
Druckluft / Öl / WasserDruckluft / Öl / WasserDruckluft / Öl / WasserDruckluft / Öl / WasserHochdruck-Wasser bis 90°C bzw. 200°CHochdruck-Wasser bis 90°C bzw. 200°CHochdruck-Wasser bis 90°C bzw. 200°CHochdruck-Wasser bis 90°C bzw. 200°C