Hose reeler BT 3056

incl. 5m air pressure hose NW6

Hose reeler BT3000 (591.4KB)

Manual BT 3056 (67.6KB)

Hose Series BT3000

The flexible connection of the compressed air line to the hard tool. For hose lengths from 3m to 20m. advantages:

  • Due to decades of experience tested systems
  • Robust metal construction with maintenance-free ball bearing
  • Surface plastic coated
  • Internal disconnectable locking with 16 grid per revolution
  • Quality PVC hoses with NW6 NW9 and
  • Upgradeable through special accessories for each individual operational requirement

ArtNo.BT 3056BT 3126BT 3156BT 3206BT 3039BT 3089BT 3129BT 3159BT 30813
Total weight3.5 kg8.5 kg10.5 kg11.5 kg3.5 kg7.5 kg11 kg11 kg12 kg
Hose length in m51215203812158
Hose DN in mm6666999913
Operating pressure in bar202020202020202020
Connecting thread DG 1/4"aG 1/4"aG 1/4"aG 1/4"aG 3/8"aG 3/8"aG 3/8"aG 3/8"aG 1/2"a
Supply EG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 3/8"iG 1/2"i
Dim A in mm180300340340180300340340340
Dim B in mm200360375375200360375375375
Dim C in mm150190190190150190190190190